Rose, Poem and Love for Friends!

Thank you for your friendship
      A friend is someone with whom, your thoughts,
      dreams and secrets you can share.
      And no matter what you say or do, you know
      that they still care.

May Our Friendship Last Forever
      May our friendship last forever;
      May I sail upon your sea.
      May we go through life together;
      May there always be a "we."

      May I be your endless sky;
      May you breathe my gentle air.
      May you never wonder why
      Each time you look for me, I'm there.

      May we be for each a smile
      Like the warm, life-giving sun;
      Yet when we're in pain awhile,
      May our suffering be one.

      May we share our special days,
      The happiness of one for two;
      And if we must go separate ways,
      Let my love remain with you.
Thank You for Your Friendship and Your Love
      Thank you for your friendship and your love.
      However life may turn, this gift will be
      A mountain that has made my river bend,
      Nor will it flow the same way to the sea.
      Knowing you is something I'm made of.

      Years will not this part of me remove.
      One lives for just a brief eternity,
      Understanding truths that never end.

You Have a Smile that Lights the World
      You have a smile that lights the world,
      Shining from within,
      Breaking out between the clouds
      That form the skin of self.

      Lucky we, to live nearby
      That unpretentious sun,
      To share its fire, to feel its love,
      To know its warmth so well.

      Just as the sun's sweet liquid joy
      Is captured in the wine,
      So with us your happiness
      Is captured in our lives.
I Miss You on Your Birthday
      I miss you on your birthday,
      Not only for your smile,
      But for the piece of me that's gone,
      Left within your care.

      I'm in an empty hallway
      And have been for awhile,
      Gazing inwardly towards home,
      Neither here nor there.

      How quickly we've turned distant!
      The months pass by like years.
      How could friends so inseparable
      So soon seem so apart!

      How imprecise the instant
      Held hostage by my tears!
      Though Time may seem insatiable,
      I have you in my heart.

Goodbye, Dear Friend and Graduate
      Goodbye, dear friend and graduate!
      Our golden time is over now,
      Our time of nothing more than time,
      Days of simply being friends.

      But I will always treasure how
      Your love for me slipped into mine,
      Embracing me where courage ends.

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