192 Mini Half Blooming Green/Turquoise Feather Roses


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Mini Half Blooming Bright Pink Feather Roses are the mini sizes of Half Blooming Bright Pink Feather Roses. They are also shorter and smaller in size than Med Half Blooming Bright Pink Feather Roses. Please see details in Specifications for Half Blooming, Med Half Blooming and Mini Half Blooming in Feather Roses.

Green (turquoise) rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. Being symbolic of all life force, the color green (turquoise) gives a rich meaning to a rose. The freshness of the springtime, and the abundance of the rainy season, are well expressed by the green (turquoise) rose. Green (turquoise) is also a very pleasing color. Psychologists believe that the color green (turquoise) often imparts a sense of calm, balance, stability and peace to the human mind. When you simply need to surprise someone, or please him or her, use a green (turquoise) rose. It has no overtones of love, but is replete with positive nuances. More details...

Our gorgeous feather flowers are made of high quality goose feathers, which have undergone 36 procedures before they are finished. All of these procedures are done by hand, such as washing, steaming, disinfecting, sterilizing, dyeing, drying, trimming, shaping and assembling.

Petals and leaves are both made of natural goose feathers. Stems are made by hand-rolled paper with iron thread inside. These feather roses are so soft to the touch and delicately scented, long stemmed, of highest quality, and in an elegant and contemporary design. More details...

Sold in box (192 roses/box) quantities only. To order rose bouquets, please check here.

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  • Model: RG-G06-192
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs

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